Heidi offers a range of workshops that demystify the ancient craft practice of jewellery making. During a relaxing few hours playing with materials, textures and processes, you'll be immersed in new skills and discover untapped creative talents.

'I started running workshops as a way to make jewellery like mine - more accessible to people. Handmade jewellery should not be exclusive. I quickly found I was facilitating a really grounding and empowering experience. It's incredibly rewarding to teach these skills meant to be shared. My goal is for someone to be inspired enough to continue making their own jewellery."

Create your own wedding bands

Create your own personalised symbol of lasting love and commitment by hand-making your own wedding rings with Heidi.

Rings can be made in a soft wax, which captures your fingerprints and is then cast into the metal of your choice. Alternatively, hand-make your rings: firstly in silver, for practice, and then in gold, for forever!

If you have any specific questions or need more information about the process, materials, or pricing related to Heidi's services, please feel free to enquire, and Heidi will provide further details.

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Beginners jewellery making workshop

Gain a sense of empowerment as you see how achievable it is to make your first few pieces of jewellery. It's the most accessible way of creating three pieces to wear forever.

Heidi guides you through making a pendant, pair of earrings and a ring. Craft these in either sterling silver or 9- carat yellow, recycled gold.

There will be some theory followed by all the basic skills such as soldering, hand fabrication techniques and polishing/finishing.

For groups of between 1 and 4 people. The perfect activity for friends and family to experience together. Also available as a gift.

Length 3-4 hours

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​​'Hi Heidi, just wanted to say that I LOVED the workshop yesterday! Want to do it again and again!'


Wax talisman workshop

Ideal for those drawn to the organic look of jewellery made using the lost wax casting process.

Make something personal, a talisman, to represent your children a memory or someone close. The options are endless and unique to you. The wax is soft and responsive, inviting you to work intuitively. Once cast into silver or gold, pieces will have a beautiful ancient fingerprint texture and Heidi will turn them into a wearable piece of jewellery.

Held in Heidi's Stroud studio, the private talisman workshop is  for 2 - 6 people to  make something together, celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or hen do or it can be given as a gift.

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“Thank you Heidi for such a supportively held and facilitated workshop. Your connection with all of us was really encouraging, informative and inspiring. You were so delighted with our creations that we let go of self criticism and joyfully made more. I can’t wait to see the finished castings. Thank you!”

Group wax talisman workshops

Similar to the private wax talisman workshop, you will spend 3 hours making your own personal, wearable talisman in soft wax. The group workshop is for people on a slightly smaller budget who appreciate a group atmosphere. Workshops are held in various venues, including Cacao Circle, a wonderful hot chocolate cafe in Stroud


The cost the workshop is £50 the the cost of your talisman is determined by it’s weight and whether you choose to cast it into silver or 9ct gold.

The cost will include the finishing of your pieces as well as all the components used to make your talisman into a ring, necklace or a pair of earrings.

Dates will be advertised here and via eventbrite when available.

Email us with questions regarding any of the workshops