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Create your own wedding bands

Heidi works with couples or individuals to hand-make completely unique wedding bands.

Option One

If an organic style is your thing, work together to make rings in wax. This leaves room for a lot of creativity! During this 3-5 hour workshop you can carve your bands out of hard wax for a more precise handmade aesthetic or sculpt them using soft, brown wax for a gentler feel. You can add your own markings or imprint the surface with each other's fingertips for further meaning.

Option Two

With Heidi's guidance you can make your rings directly in metal for a more traditional and uniform ring shape. During the 3 to 5 hour workshop, first you'll practice by making a silver ring before crafting your final wedding rings in 9 or 18-carat, yellow or white gold. Choose from round, oval or flat-shaped profiles. 

Price Guide

Once Heidi knows the width, metal type and style of your preferred band, she can provide you with a quote.

As a guide, allow £500 for the workshop plus the metal weight.

To give you a rough ballpark, 18 carat rings can range From £500 for a very fine band to £1000 for a wide men's band in 18-carat yellow gold.

Hallmarking is available for an extra £50.

Engraving or small stones can also be added to the inside or the surface of your finished rings. Please enquire to discuss this, or any other aspects of the process, with Heidi.


Please fill in the contact form to register your interest, or arrange a zoom call/in person appointment with Heidi to find out more and discuss your ideas further.